Aida Christina Condominium - Type A House

Afritrack Group values all its customers and therefore it continues to develop products that carter for all categories in the society. Afritrack Group Introduces Type Houses in its state of the art condominium Aida Christina in Zango area of Luanda

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Aida Christina Condominium - Type C House

Aida Christina Condominium Enjoys various houses of different configurations one of them being Type C. This is a 4 bedroom mansion with all the features in any modern house. From Highly finished bedrooms, to the floor, the kitchen among other amenities

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Aida Christina Condominium - Type D House

Afritrack Group always has the customer at heart both high end and middle class. Type D house is an architectural jewel with all amenities bundled in one product. The house is a five bedroom property with highly finished amenities

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