Afritrack Group Footprint
Africa construction is the natural market for Afritrack Group given its presence on the continent for more than 22 years.

Currently present in Five countries of the African continent and rapidly growing, Afritrack Angola maintains a long-term strategic outlook and an expanded horizon for work in these markets, seeking to strengthen partnerships for the execution of projects in the area of infrastructures of the different regions.

We strive to identify the best challenges and materialize them in positive results, ensuring permanent competition and innovation in the solutions presented, strengthening the international position.

The commitment to quality and to the goals it has set, the growing international assertion and diversity of services ensured through the technical skill shown in every project, has enabled Afritrack to build and maintain a reputation of excellence in each market where it operates.

Afritrack Angola strategy equally focuses on the development of activity in other business areas in which it holds recognised technical skill.

With over 2000 employees, Afritrack Angola manages the business and reports its financial results as regards the following business segments: Angola, Southern Africa Development Community (“SADC”), North Africa and East Africa Community (“EAC”).