Through our efforts, we can encourage and inspire success in our work and our communities.

As employee owners, we make decisions with a long-term view in mind. We have a unique and personal responsibility:

• To each other and to the Company
• To our customers
• To our communities where we live and work

Holding ourselves accountable for delivering results in these three areas is something Afritrack Angola takes seriously – whether we’re working with our customers and suppliers to contribute to a sustainable society, or providing an atmosphere for our employees to learn, grow and prosper. By aligning our corporate social responsibility efforts with our core values, we can create a better future for our company, our communities and our planet.

Given increased pressures on natural resources and the need to protect the environment, Afritrack Angola will continue to provide valuable solutions to our customers by innovating with energy-efficient and sustainable products.

We also want to have a positive impact locally – making connections with those in every city where we have employees and operations – and giving back in meaningful ways based on local needs.

Ultimately, we strive to make Afritrack Angola a place where people want to work, a company people want to do business with, and a corporate citizen that helps our communities thrive.

And while these efforts are not new
for Afritrack Angola, we’re excited to bring everything we’ve been doing together. As part of our long-term view, we plan to share new information and results on a regular basis and continually refine our goals to support changing business conditions.